Creative Director

I provide branding and packaging expertise that helps businesses proudly present their powerful, beautiful and unique differences and products to the world.  My interests, joy and expertise converge in the following design practices:

• Brand strategy, development, deployment and implementation
• Brand style guide content development
• Product branding, packaging, and strategy
• Marketing campaigns and communication materials (traditional and digital)
• Environmental and event graphics, UI, video, and product design
• Orchestrates, encourages, mentors and collaborates with creative teams, photographers, stylists,
illustrators, printers, developers and others to support the mission of brands
• Professional ability using: Adobe CC (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Keynote, PowerPoint,
Excel, Word, and Basecamp
• Organized, on schedule, detail oriented, and collaborative



Stir Creative is a boutique design consultancy in Minneapolis with a unique focus on branding, packaging, marketing, communications, and product design. It began in 2008 at a kitchen table in Golden Valley, Minnesota. We are located in Minneapolis along the beautiful Wirth Parkway.   

Our mission is to provide clients with the knowledge and tools to consistently express their brand, sell products and communicate ideas. Our process is clear, simple and collaborative. We pride ourselves on delivering work that everyone is proud of, and happy to have been involved in creating. It is our hope that clients enjoy the experience of working with us.

We love seeing children explore, create, learn and follow their curiosity—it is important work. That is why we pour our hearts into developing educationally focused games, coloring books, puzzles, toys, craft and building kits. It’s satisfying to design a product, then name, brand, and package it, but rewarding to see it in the hands of a child.

Combining our passion for food with designing beautiful packaging is our sweet spot. Leslie has a long history of designing beautiful, eye-catching, and award winning packaging. She has helped brand some of the largest food companies and their products, including pizzas, entrees, side dishes, wine, spices, coffee, food gift sets and home brewing kits, and a slew of private label products.

I help businesses discover and leverage their mission, vision, and uniqueness through research, strategy, branding, packaging and marketing communications. Together, we discover how to delight customers, empower employees and engage with their community by:

•  Creating and sharing the story of their business journey
•  Understanding short and long term goals
•  Defining business mission, vision and value statements
•  Getting to the heart of their unique customers
•  Stirring audiences and giving back to your community
•  Embracing and uplifting a diverse workplace culture

I’ve worked with corporations, non-profits, entrepreneurs, product development teams and other organizations to help them stand out from crowded marketplaces by developing branding, packaging and communications that are aligned with their mission, vision and values. It's magic when all the elements of a brand are in sync!


I grew up in California within a very creative family.  My mother (former department store window display designer) has a special place in my early creative development—she taught me the skills, joy and satisfaction of making all things sewn, baked, grown, or constructed.  My father, an architect and urban designer in San Francisco. He was lead architect and planner of Foster City, CA and the La Costa Resort, then became a founding faculty member of  the City and Regional Planning Department at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  My three siblings are highly creative too—architect, corporate culture planner; documentary film maker, executive director of a prominent art school; and another graphic designer.   

Our house, designed by my father, was (and still is) swirling with interesting people, projects, amazing aromas from the kitchen, and music from my fathers vast music collection, or of my son’s making.  We all thrive on creativity.

I received a bachelor of science in Graphic Design from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  My design career bloomed in California, and continues in Minneapolis.



Member since 2002
Diversity & Inclusion committee
AIGA Portfolio 1-0n-1 annual reviewer

School of Design, Creative Design Methods Course, Volunteer Creative Counselor

Volunteer Buddy
Advisory Board

Art Faculty, Graphic Design Program:
Graphic Design Tools 1 — Introduction to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
Typography — A comprehensive course presented in four-modules (Letter, Word, Text, Page) covers history, design, and best practices for creating and using type in print and digital communications.